• elaboration of a proposal to initiate proceedings on personal care of a child
  • representation in proceedings on the regulation of the exercise of parental rights and obligations, in proceedings on the determination of maintenance, proceedings on the determination of paternity, on the denial of paternity
  • preparation of all types of submissions in family matters, motion to initiate proceedings, statements, appeals, and other submissions
  • elaboration of parents’ agreements pursuant to the Family Act, in particular elaboration of a parental agreement on the regulation of contact with minor children
  • divorce and regulation of the exercise of parental rights and obligations towards minor children
  • urgent measures – minors
  • separation of parents and adjustment of the entrustment of children to personal care
  • entrusting the child to the alternating personal care of the parents
  • determination of maintenance – child alimony
  • amendment of a court decision on the entrustment of a minor child
  • adjustment of the parent’s contact with the minor child
  • restraining the parent in contact with the child
  • change of the minor’s surname
  • disagreement of parents in deciding on the essential issues of the minor child
  • recovery of outstanding child support
  • legal advice in the field of alternative maintenance
  • legal advice in matters of a minor after a divorce


Parents of minor children who do not live together may at any time agree to regulate the exercise of their parental rights and responsibilities. In such a case, the court will approve the parental agreement at the hearing. The personal care of the child is performed by the parents after their divorce or separation, i.e. on the basis of an agreement approved by the court. Only in exceptional cases does the court decide.

In our law firm, we try to mediate according to the circumstances and always first prefer the common agreement of clients on how they further imagine the exercise of their parental rights and responsibilities, as long as the parents are accessible and willing to enter into a parental agreement.

It often happens that the parents agree with the parental agreement, but they do not know how to write it to the necessary extent, or they do not know how to agree on some of its essential parts (amount of maintenance, determination of contact with the child during holidays, method of transferring the child between parents). We help clients, provide them with a model, guide them and, if necessary, represent parents in negotiations with the other parent, resp. his legal representative.

Depending on the circumstances, we will always recommend to clients the specific procedure necessary to ensure that their interests are ensured to the maximum extent possible.

If the parents do not agree on their own, the court will regulate parental rights and obligations, in particular to determine to whom the minor entrusts personal care, who will represent him and manage his property. At the same time, it shall determine how the parent to whom the minor child has not been entrusted for personal care should contribute to his or her maintenance or approve the parents’ agreement on the amount of maintenance. The court with territorial jurisdiction to file this petition is the district court in whose district the minor child is domiciled. Proceedings concerning the care of minors are exempt from the court fee.

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