Attorney office of JUDr. Bc. Lenka Kosnáčová, PhD. – a law firm based in Bratislava provides consulting and legal services for companies, individuals and other legal entities, including entrepreneurs.

We provide consultations and legal services for both domestic and foreign clients. We are also qualified to represent foreigners in court proceedings and other proceedings.

The complete legal service we provide are mainly in the areas of civil, commercial and family law including international divorce and family matters, contract law, in the area of ​​litigation, within the real estate agenda, corporate agenda. We provide complete representation in court proceedings, litigation, as well as representation in proceedings and communication with other public authorities. As a family lawyer, we specialize in divorces and family proceedings.

The client’s interest is our number one priority and therefore we flexibly adapt to the individual needs of clients, to whom we provide not only basic legal advice (in person or online, electronic legal services), but also specific legal services tailored to the case and the needs of a particular client.

We work operatively and flexibly, according to the requirements and needs of the client, we are accessible to various options of price calculation and legal service.

As a small family law firm, we bring clients benefits of flexibility, individual approach, personal communication, personal representation and advice, direct communication, while achieving the highest professional standards, which we constantly maintain and develop further.

Our law firm maintains general practice in all almost areas of law (mailny in private law areas) and provides comprehensive legal services in Slovak, Czech and English language.

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