Childless couples are increasingly using the possibility of adopting a child – adoption or other forms of alternative personal care for the child. Our family lawyer provides advice on the adoption decision-making process and provides legal assistance and representation at every stage in such a way as to relieve the applicant as much as possible and to facilitate this relatively bureaucratic adoption process for clients.

Who can become an adoptive parent and adopt a child in Slovakia:

  • husband and wife
  • individual (female or male)
  • parent’s husband, father’s wife or mother’s husband
  • people living in a relationship have a better chance of adopting a child together than a couple.

The Slovak Family Act considers the possibility of adoption by a single person to be an exceptional solution and favors adoption into a complete family, but the adoption of a child by one person is not impossible if it is in the best interests of the minor child. In cases of adoption of a child by one person, the court will examine the circumstances in more detail.

We will help you to assess your chances of adopting a child and then guide you through the entire adoption process.

The adoption phases are multiple and consist of consecutive steps that our law firm will help clients with and relieve them of the “papers” in order to enable the best possible concentration of clients’ energy in what is at stake – the child and building a relationship with their future adoptive child.

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