• elaboration of a proposal to initiate proceedings on personal care of a child
  • elaboration of a proposal to entrust the child to alternating care
  • representation in proceedings on the regulation of the exercise of parental rights and obligations
  • elaboration of a parental agreement on alternating care
  • divorce and regulation of the exercise of parental rights and obligations towards minor children
  • amendment of a court decision on the entrustment of a minor child
  • disagreement of parents in deciding on the essential issues of the minor child
  • consultation and legal advice

Parental rights and obligations for a minor can be regulated in two ways:

1, exclusive care of one parent: the court entrusts the child to the exclusive care of one of the parents, the other parent will have the scope of contacts with the child adjusted

2, alternating care: the court entrusts the child to the alternating care of both parents

The court may entrust the minor child to the alternate personal care of both parents, provided that the conditions are met. In particular, the court must consider that this solution of childcare is in the best interests of the child and will thus better meet his or her needs.

Alternative care can also be agreed by the parents in the parental agreement. The family is at any stage, whether before divorce, divorce proceedings or unmarried parents, or even in cases where the court has already determined how to take care of the child, it is always possible, if the legal conditions are met, to request alternative care.

Child support is usually not determined in cases of custody of parents. However, in justified cases, the court may also determine maintenance, and in determining maintenance, it shall then take into account the length of each parent’s alternating personal care.

We will prepare a proposal for clients to entrust the child to alternating personal care and provide comprehensive advice and guidance on whether alternating care is appropriate and possible in their case.

We also represent clients in negotiations with the other parent, resp. his legal representative as well as in legal proceedings.

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