• drafting a motion to initiate proceedings to regulate the exercise of parental rights and obligations, to determine maintenance
  • representation in maintenance proceedings
  • elaboration of a parental agreement on the adjustment of maintenance
  • divorce and regulation of the exercise of parental rights and obligations towards minor children
  • determination of maintenance by urgent action
  • increase in alimony
  • reduction of alimony
  • change of court decision in case of change of circumstances
  • consultation and legal advice on child support
  • maintenance recovery – maintenance of debt maintenance
  • legal advice in the field of alternative maintenance


The basic source of family law is Act No. 36/2005 Coll. The Family Act, which contains the legal regulation of the parents’ maintenance obligation.

The fulfillment of the parents’ maintenance obligation towards the children is their legal obligation, which lasts until the children are able to support themselves. The term maintenance or alimony does not have its definition in the Family Act, but it can be derived from the numerous decision-making practices of the courts. It is about securing and paying for the personal needs of people who are related or in another family relationship.

Every parent, regardless of their abilities, possibilities and property relations, is obliged to fulfill their maintenance obligation at least to the minimum extent of 30% of the subsistence amount for a dependent minor child or for a dependent child according to a special regulation.

In determining maintenance, the court shall take into account the justified circumstances of the creditor, as well as the abilities, possibilities and property relations of the obligated parent. The court takes into account e.g. even if the debtor gives up without an important reason for more advantageous employment, earnings, property gain, he shall also take into account the disproportionate property risks that the debtor assumes.

Family relationships may change over time, in which case an increase or decrease may be made. When changing conditions, the development of living costs is taken into account. A change in circumstances may be justified either by subjective circumstances on the part of the beneficiary or the debtor or by objective circumstances, such as the development of the cost of living. The court is obliged to examine in detail the circumstances that could justify a change in maintenance.

In these proceedings, it is especially necessary to master the current case law, to know the decision-making practice of courts, so in our law firm specializing in family law, we regularly review current case law.

Often only one consultation (this can be in person at the office or an online consultation via Skype, Viber or WhatsApp) is enough to prepare a proposal to initiate proceedings, and we will prepare the proposal itself within three days of receiving the necessary documents from the client.

We provide consultations, comprehensive legal advice and legal services in all areas of family law and child support issues and in matters of care for minors in general.

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