• divorce – comprehensive legal services and representation in proceedings
  • legal advice in family law, divorce and settlement of spouses’ property
  • consultation in the preparatory phase of the divorce
  • drafting a divorce
  • an appeal against a divorce judgment
  • consent statement and other submissions in divorce proceedings
  • elaboration of parental agreements under the Family Act, in particular elaboration of a parental agreement on child custody
  • regulation of parental rights and obligations towards minor children
  • entrusting the child to the alternate personal care of the parents
  • determination of maintenance, increase of maintenance, reduction of maintenance, recovery of maintenance
  • change of the decision to entrust a minor child after divorce
  • adjustment of the parent’s contact with the minor child
  • restraining the parent in contact with the child
  • the maintenance obligation between the spouses and the maintenance allowance of the divorced spouse
  • settlement of BSM – settlement of marital community property – co-ownership of spouses
  • other services of family lawyer according to the client’s specific requirements.


Thanks to our extensive experience with divorce proceedings, we know very well that the family finds itself in a difficult and often mentally demanding situation during a divorce. We always try to help and make this difficult period easier for our clients. The lawyer is here to ensure that the divorce runs smoothly and quickly, and at the same time the client’s legal interests are protected now and in the future.

The situation in the family is especially specific when divorcing spouses with minor children, when it is especially important to take into account the children and to address issues related to their care in the proceedings. An out-of-court parental agreement on childcare should be a priority solution if there are circumstances and the will of the parents. Even if the spouses do not conclude a parental agreement, the court in the divorce judgment regulates the exercise of parental rights and obligations towards the minor child for the time after the divorce.

In consultation with clients, we will take care the legal aspects of the family situation and recommend the specific procedure necessary to ensure that their interests are ensured to the maximum extent possible.

The course of divorce proceedings also affects the future legal issues of the spouses, so it is necessary not to neglect anything in these proceedings.

As part of our legal advice, we will also teach clients about legal issues that will be important to them after divorce.

Feel free to contact us, whether you are looking for answers to partial specific questions, or you need to guide or find complete solutions to your situation. After entering your request, we will send you a draft price offer for the divorce motion and/or divorceproceeding or other service of the family lawyer.

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