• establishment of a trading company in Slovakia
  • advice and assistance in developing a business plan
  • establishment of a trade or business company in Slovakia
  • representation of entrepreneurs at public administration bodies, in proceedings before the Trade Licensing Office and the Commercial Register, at the tax office
  • preparation of documents for the issuance of trade or other business licenses
  • registration at the tax office
  • establishment of an organizational unit of a foreign person in Slovakia
  • founding documents of companies
  • complete administration and agenda of companies
  • temporary residence permit of foreigners for business purposes
  • temporary stay for the purpose of family reunification
  • representation in proceedings for granting residence, renewal of residence permit
  • assistance in arranging health insurance for foreigners
  • help with application for temporary residence permit
  • renewal of the residence permit
  • general legal advice for foreigners and representation in court
  • legal analysis, advice and consultation on commercial law and company law


Foreign legal entities can do business in Slovakia, we establish branches – organizational units of foreign companies in Slovakia. Foreigners, nationals of foreign states can do business in Slovakia and obtain a temporary residence in Slovakia for the purpose of doing business.

In connection with doing business in Slovakia, whether in the form of an organizational unit of a foreign company, a sole trader or a business company, we provide legal services in company law, contract law, labor law, take care of the client’s business and fulfillment of his employer’s obligations.

A foreign entity may participate in the establishment of a Slovak legal entity for the purpose of doing business or participate as a partner or member in a Slovak legal entity already established. A foreign entity can also establish a Slovak legal entity itself or become the sole member of a Slovak legal entity (e.g. the sole member of the limited liability company).

We analyze the client’s situation and possibilities, instruct about the necessary documents and steps to start a business in Slovakia. We will establish a trade or business company for foreigners and subsequently take care of the running of the company in accordance with Slovak legal regulation.

Choosing the appropriate legal form is the first essential step in deciding to do business in Slovakia. We will advise and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of business of natural persons – sole proprietors or the establishment of a business company – limited liability company (s.r.o.), public trading company (v.o.s.), limited partnership (k.s.), joint stock company (a.s.) included an option to establish a private limited company in Slovakia, simple company for shares (j.s.a. ) or companies under EU law.

When establishing a business, we provide clients with comprehensive legal advice and prepare all the necessary founding documents necessary for the establishment of the company. We will submit a proposal for the registration of the company in the Commercial Register, we will register the company at the tax office, and help with other legal issues in accordance with Slovak legal regulation.