• child with a foreigner and without a marriage
  • marriage with a foreigner and a child in a mixed family
  • international divorce – divorce with a foreigner – comprehensive legal services, consultations, filing for divorce and representation in court
  • counseling in social matters and in matters of minor children
  • elaboration of a proposal to initiate proceedings on personal care of a child
  • representation in proceedings on the regulation of the exercise of parental rights and obligations, in proceedings on the determination of maintenance, proceedings on the determination of paternity, on the denial of paternity
  • preparation of all types of submissions in family matters, motion to initiate proceedings, statements, appeals, and other submissions
  • elaboration of parents’ agreements pursuant to the Family Act, in particular elaboration of a parental agreement on the regulation of contact with minor children
  • entrusting the child to the alternating personal care of the parents
  • determination of alimony, increase of alimony, decrease of alimony, recovery of alimony
  • amendment of a court decision on the entrustment of a minor child
  • adjustment of the parent’s contact with the minor child
  • restraining the parent in contact with the child
  • change of the minor’s surname
  • disagreement of parents in deciding on the essential issues of the minor child
  • moving with a minor child – change of residence of the child
  • habitual residence of the minor and legal aspects
  • alimony from abroad – if the other parent is a national of a foreign state
  • constitutional complaint
  • complaint to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg
  • representation in all types of court proceedings in family matters


When spouses, nationals of different states divorce or when family law proceedings are conducted on the regulation of the exercise of parental rights and obligations to a minor child, one of whose parents is a citizen of a foreign state, special legal rules may apply. The legal aspects of these family relationships are specific and governed not only by Slovak family law but also by other legislation.

In case the spouses have common children, various legal aspects of their care may arise. Foreign language couples should agree on care after their children. In cases where the parents do not agree, it is necessary to decide on the maintenance of the minor by court, adjust the exercise of parental rights and obligations to the child, determine the minor’s contact with the other parent or relatives’ contact with the child. There are also more cases of parental abduction of minor children outside the Slovak Republic by parents. Opposite situations may happen too – a citizen of the Slovak Republic moves with the child from abroad back to Slovakia without the consent of the other parent that remained abroad.

At our law firm, we are used to dealing with family matters of all kinds of families and we actively use our experience and knowledge of EU and international law for the benefit of our clients. We provide legal advice in European law and legal services in resolving legal relations with nationals of foreign countries.

Each family works differently and parents’ communication about the minor varies from case to case. In our law firm, the client is always given the opportunity to tell their story.

We listen carefully to the client and, based on important circumstances and with the help of individual supplementary questions, we analyze the situation, evaluate the possibilities of action and provide guidance. We will comprehensively instruct the client about the possibilities of a legal solution to his problem.

In the case of personal care of a minor child, we provide complete coverage of the whole process, from filing a lawsuit, representation in proceedings, appeals, to a valid court decision to entrust the minor child, not excluding the possibility of providing preliminary protection of the interests of the minor and client. urgent action even before or during court proceedings.

A minor child may be entrusted to the exclusive personal care of the father or mother. The parents are equal and the individual circumstances of the case must be taken into account in each individual case. The courts decide as it is in the best interests of the minor. In practice, we have extensive experience with entrusting a minor child to a father (into the sole personal care of the father) as well as entrusting the child to a mother (personal care of the mother).

It is always important to carefully adjust the contact with the other parent and the issue of child support. In the event of a change in circumstances, it is possible to file a petition with the court to change the entrustment of the minor child, to change the parent’s contact with the minor child or to propose a reduction in maintenance or a proposal to increase maintenance.

Feel free to contact us, whether you are looking for answers to partial specific questions, or you need to guide or find solutions to your situation. In case of interest, we will cover your needs according to requirements. After entering your request, we will send you a price offer and you will decide for the next step.