• legal advice when writing a last will
  • control, assessment of the validity of the will
  • elaboration of documents on legal acts – wills, deed of issue, etc.
  • representation in inheritance proceedings before a notary and a court
  • holographic and allographic wills
  • rejection of inheritance
  • inheritance settlement agreements
  • inheritance of business share
  • representation in disputes over inheritance law
  • consultation and legal advice in inheritance law
  • proposal to reopen the inheritance proceedings

Our law firm provides comprehensive legal advice in the field of inheritance law, from individual acts such as the last will or acts of heirs such as rejection of inheritance to full representation in inheritance proceedings and related proceedings such as disputes over inheritance law – inheritance claims.

Feel free to contact us, whether you are looking for answers to partial specific questions, or you need to guide or find ways to solve your life situation. In case of interest, we will cover your needs according to requirements.

After entering the request, we will send you a price offer and you will decide for the next steps.