• drafting a petition for the determination of maintenance for a minor child
  • proposal for determining the maintenance of an adult child
  • representation in maintenance proceedings
  • elaboration of a parental agreement on the adjustment of maintenance
  • divorce and regulation of the exercise of parental rights and obligations towards minor children
  • determination of maintenance by urgent action
  • increasing alimony, decreasing alimony
  • maintenance recovery
  • change of court decision in case of change of circumstances
  • consultation and legal advice on maintenance matters
  • recovery of maintenance debts
  • legal advice in the field of alternative maintenance
  • post-divorce financial security consultations
  • proposal to determine the maintenance allowance of the divorced spouse
  • a proposal to determine the maintenance allowance and to reimburse certain expenses to the unmarried mother
  • other legal services of family lawyer according to the client’s requirements


All members of the family have a duty to help each other and, according to their abilities and possibilities, to ensure the increase of the material and cultural level of the family.

The term maintenance or alimony does not have its definition in the Family Act, but it can be derived from the numerous decision-making practices of the courts. It is about securing and paying for the personal needs of people who are related or in another family relationship. The circle of these persons is specified in the Family Act and includes not only the maintenance obligation of parents towards minor children, but also the following maintenance obligations:

  • maintenance obligation of parents to children
  • maintenance obligation of children to parents
  • maintenance obligation among other relatives
  • maintenance obligation between spouses
  • divorced spouse’s maintenance allowance
  • maintenance allowance and reimbursement of certain expenses to the unmarried mother

The maintenance obligation of closer relatives precedes the maintenance obligation of more distant relatives. Each of the relatives at the same level fulfills the maintenance obligation to the extent that corresponds to the ratio of his abilities and property relations to the abilities and property relations of the other relatives.

One consultation will suffice to prepare a request for maintenance proceedings, depending on the circumstances. We will prepare the proposal itself within three days of receiving the necessary documents from the client – we will instruct the client about the documents that will be attached to the proposal.

Feel free to contact us, whether you are looking for answers to partial specific questions, or you need to guide or find solutions to your situation. After entering your request, we will send you a draft price offer for our service of the family lawyer.

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