• complete legal service and advice on the issue
  • preliminary asset analysis
  • drafting a proposal to abolish the undivided co-ownership of the spouses during the marriage
  • legal advice in the settlement of undivided co-ownership of spouses after divorce
  • participation in extrajudicial negotiations concerning the settlement of co-ownership of spouses
  • communication with the counterparty
  • settlement of undivided co-ownership of spouses (BSM)
  • appeal in court proceedings
  • elaboration of a motion to initiate proceedings – elaboration and filing of an action for settlement of BSM with the competent court
  • appeal in the BSM settlement proceedings
  • representation in legal proceedings for the settlement of BSM
  • proposal to renew the joint ownership of the spouses
  • urgent measures – the right of the wife to use the husband’s apartment
  • urgent measures in case of violent behavior of the spouse and others
  • special legal services according to the client’s requirements
  • settlement of non-share co-ownership of spouses is possible only after the dissolution of the marriage. The Civil Code regulates three basic forms of property settlement of spouses’ joint co-ownership:

There are three basic ways how spouses may settle their property issues after divorce:

1, by agreement of the spouses

2, by court judgment

3, settlement by law

In connection with the settlement of BSM, we provide consultations, comprehensive legal advice and representation in settlement proceedings. If no agreement can be reached, we elaborate a motion to initiate court proceedings and fill the action for settlement with the competent court and represent in legal proceedings.

Feel free to contact us whether you are looking for answers to partial questions or you need to completely resolve the property settlement. In case of interest, we will cover your needs according to requirements.